Monday, 5 September 2011

Stephanies blind date

Steve arrived home from work early , showered , shaved all his body hair and started doing his make up . The week before he had met a man on the internet who was interested in dating transvestites . Tonight they were meeting for the first time and David was going to pick up Stephanie in an hours time . Stephanie wore black underwear , carefully placing her breast forms into her wonderbra . She pulled her sheer black stockings over her freshly shaved legs feeling that wonderful sensation which she often felt on a friday night . She pulled on her red dress which came up just above the knee and then proceeded to do her hair . Stephanie had been growing her hair so she straightened it with a pair of straightners and combed a fringe down across her forehead , all what was left were her heels , a pair of 4 inch red heel to go with her dress and her clutch bag . She was now ready and poured a glass of red wine for herself , but the doorbell rang , oh no he was early !
 Stephanie opened the door but it was not David , instead it was Michelle , Stephanies transvestite friend who had no idea what was going on and had turned up to see if Stephanie was going to the club as they usually did on a friday night . " Sorry Michelle but ive got a date " . Michelle looked shocked as she entered the flat , " Who with " she enquired . Stephanie explained that it was a blind date and he would be here within the hour and she wanted to meet him on her own .
 Michelle wasnt impressed with Stephanie keeping David from her and hatched a plan ! " Listen to me Stephanie , let me take your place tonight or i will out you to all your workmates and your family " !
 Stephanie couldnt believe her friend would do this but Michelle was seroious and she had no choice but to let her take her place or face being outed to everyone she knew !!!!
 "You cant be seen here Stephanie , you will have to hide in your bedroom " Michelle hatched a new plan tomake sure Stephanie didnt ruin her new date ! Michelle followed Stephanie into the bedroom and pulled out Stephanies bag of bondage gear which they had often fooled around with after a night out ! " What do you need that for? " Stephanie asked . " Im not having you ruin my evening so im going to tie you up until i get back "  !!
 Michelle tied Stephanies hands behind her back and at the elbows and then tied her legs at the ankles and knees !! To finish off and stop her from calling out a big red ballgag was pulled tight into her mouth !!!
 The doorbell rang and Michelle opened it and their stood David . " Wow you look great " he said with a smile as Michelle invited him in  .  " Would you like a drink before we go " Michelle liked what she saw as Dave asked for a white wine . Suddenly there was a big thump as something heavy seemed to fall in the bedroom !! " What was that? " aske David . " I dont know but you wait here and ill go look " said Michelle as she got up and headed to the bedroom !! She opened the door to find Stephanie had pushed the dresser over with her feet " What are you doing you slut !! " Stephanie was trying to get Davids attention so he would find her and help her !!
 Suddenly Michelle was grabbed from behind and pushed to the floor where her hands were cuffed behind her back !! David had followed her to the bedroom and liked what he saw !! Michelles legs were bound together with bondage tape from Stephanies bag and a penis gag was pulled tight into her mouth !!!
 " Well well what have i found myself here ? " David grinned as the two girls tried to talk through their gags but couldnt be understood !! " What good luck im having , see i am part of a racket that sells transvestite sluts like you to an overseas buyer and he thought he would only be getting one sale tonight but perhaps now he will take two " !!! " Now just incase he only wants one we better have a little game to see which one goes and which one stays with me " !! " Now i saw a couple of buttplugs in that bag and good news they bothh vibrate so who ever comes first can go and whoever is second can stay with me "  Dave pushed the plugs deep into each girls bottom and pulled their panties up over it so it wouldnt fall out !! Both girls were now bulging out the front of their pants as David went out to phone his buyer and turned on the vibrators !!!!
 Stephanie knew she was close to exploding already at the thought of being owned by a master but didnt want to go abroad so she hatchad a plan !! Shae wriggled of the bed and went over to where Michelle lay and started to rub her tied hands up against Michelles huge throbbing cock !!! Michellle tried to pull away but it was to late as her body shuddered as she cum in her silk pink panties !!!
 Stephanie pulled herself back onto the bed but the butt plug was too much for her and she too cum into her silk black panties , her body shuddering as David walked back into the door !!!
 " I see you couldnt wait for me to come back girls but that doesnt matter , see my buyer is going to take you both , he is making lots of money in his brothels and needs all the new girls he can take "  !!!
 Michelle and Stephanie were drugged and tied in body corsets for their trip and now they are £100 pound a time prostitutes in Russia and never get to dress as boys again !!!!!!!!

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  1. What an absoutly fantastic story Stephanie, extremely hot well written. Love your work dear, now would David accept any volunteers? ; )